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In the name of Friendship, Justice, and Learning.

Founded in 1962, we cultivate powerful brotherhood and build strong leaders!

Thinking of Rushing this Fall or Spring?

Whatever your intention, we encourage you to try Greek Life. Sigma Chi has been a Greek leader at Ball State University since its inception – here are just a few things we’re good at:


Through our International Fraternity, Sigma Chi is a leader in building strong leaders on all college campuses, including Ball State University. We hold positions and are involved all over our campus.


As a leading fraternity on Ball State’s campus, we find it our priority to have a healthy relationship with our IFC. We are active during council meetings and push to ensure IFC and Sigma Chi thrives.


We push our active members to always be better – and that means they pursue a higher education. Every year, we graduate more and more members who are pursuing a higher education.


Sigma Chi works tirelessly to better not only our campus and community, but ourselves. Within our organization, we offer many officer positions and opportunities that our members take advantage of and excel in.


Be part of something big!

We encourage all potential new members to rush any house they feel comfortable in, but at Sigma Chi, you become part of something bigger than yourself. Visit our Recruitment page to find out why we’re different.


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The Cardinal Sig, Digitized.

The newsletter you know – now at your fingertips. Take a look around our blog for monthly updates from our Tribune on what’s happening at Sigma Chi and Ball State!

Sweetheart Update

Hi everyone! Hope you’re all having a great week! Unfortunately this will be the last newsletter I write because my term is coming to an end on March 15th. As[…]

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Update from our Sweetheart

Hello everyone! I hope you’ve all had a fun and eventful summer, I know I have! With the summer coming to an end, I could not be more excited to[…]

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Toga! Toga!

On Tuesday, September 9th, we hosted one of our favorite and most cherished social events – Toga! This event goes back to our literal Greek roots and we dress in[…]

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That Unbreakable Bond.

We’re honored to have an upstanding relationship with Ball State University, The Office of Greek Life, and the Sigma Chi International Fraternity. We know that when we work together, we’re better together.

We’re here to help.

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