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A World Traveler with Small Town Values

A World Traveler with Small Town Values

Brother Stephen Smith-Guittard, a third-year Architecture student enrolled in the College of Architecture and Planning, has decided to spend the majority of his spring semester traveling in Southeast Asia with the CAP Asia program for eleven weeks.

Cap Asia is a study abroad program that takes students to Thailand, Malaysia, and Myanmar with the intent to study the urban development of these countries and how their architecture has shaped the area. The trip began with a three-night stay in Bangkok where Stephen experienced the metropolis through winding markets and towering sky scrapers. The group then moved eight hours north into the rural city of Si Satchanalai, where a group of six would insert themselves in the community with the intent to improve the area’s identity and to provoke tourism. The study abroad group would also take trips to countries such as Malaysia and Myanmar to experience other Asian counties and compare urban development.

Stephen shares that “this trip has opened my eyes to how the other half of the world lives, and how comparable the Thai people can be to how I live my life in the United States. Thailand is a breathtaking country, and I ensure this will not be my last visit. It has been very helpful coming from such a welcoming family and fraternity that has taught me to approach all people that I meet with warm hearts, with the intent to learn and respect the way these people live their daily lives. I hope to return to the Epsilon Omega chapter with the intent to share my experience and to discuss what I have learned, while also helping my current and future brothers experience the life-changing opportunity of studying abroad. I’d love to help my fraternity brothers attend a trip for themselves!”

Brother Stephen will return to Ball State at the end of this Spring semester where he will finish out his courses.