History of Epsilon Omega

The first name of our chapter, Sigma Delta, was first conceived on February 14, 1959, in the minds of two men — William Odell, a student at Ball State Teachers College, and Philip Stoufer, a member of the Muncie, Indiana, Alumni Chapter of Sigma Chi – both former students at Denison University, where they became Sigma Chi.

After interviews with young men on the campus of Ball State, a meeting of seventeen men was held in the early days of April with the intention of eventually becoming affiliated with Sigma Chi National Fraternity. The name of the Pioneer Club was then selected by the men, who had yet to be granted fraternity status by the local Interfraternity Council.

On May 29, 1959, the Interfraternity Council granted fraternity status to the group, which now numbered 29 men. The Greek Letters of Sigma Delta were chosen as the name of the new fraternity. Since five of the men had not remained with the group for various reasons, 24 men returned to the campus in September to the new fraternity which had been purchased by the Sigma Chi alumni in the Muncie area during the summer months.

On June 17, 1962, Sigma Delta officially became the Epsilon Omega Chapter of Sigma Chi. In our 50+ years on Ball State’s campus, the fraternity has been pledging and initiating new members that have consistently upheld the values of our fraternity.