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BLTW, in Davis’ Words

BLTW, in Davis’ Words

Davis Hagen had plenty of good things to say about his recent experience at the 2018 Balfour Leadership Training Workshop. Davis notes that his biggest takeaway from the Workshop was just being in the presence of other Sigs and having the opportunity to learn from others in similar situations.

“Last year, I ran for the Kustos position and lost. Going to Balfour and bouncing ideas off of current Kustos at the Workshop helped me gain a better understanding of the position and how it benefits the pledges and active members – I feel confident for the upcoming elections.”

Davis also reflected upon how eye-opening the entire experience was.

“All across the United States and Canada, I was able to meet and collaborate with other Sigma Chi’s that share my values. My roommate was a Sig from Windsor, where we had our most recent Formal dance. And in my group, there were Sigs from New Mexico State, Indiana University, Valparaiso University, and more. It was so cool to just run ideas by them and learn more about their initiation procedures. Even though I had only just met them, I felt like I’d known them for years.”

Aside from his experience, Davis spoke on what he plans to do with his training:

“I want to do more ritual activities with the active members, even if the events would only be twice a month. I’m incredibly interested in bringing these activities back because it’s important to know why you’re here. Bringing it back to the Chapter on a more intense scale will remind our active members why they’re Sigma Chi’s.”

In speaking about how Ball State Sigma Chi alumni can benefit from undergrads going through BLTW, Davis had this to say:

“Balfour absolutely affects our alumni. There are certain activities on the ritual side that I want alumni to be involved in – and we’ll grow from there. When we have alumni coming back to speak with our active members, potential new members, and others, they’ll recognize how being a Sigma Chi and the ritual has helped them in the real world and how and where they received their leadership skills. When they come back to the house, they’ll see the positive changes that we’ve made and how the house has grown. I’m so excited for the coming year!”

Davis Hagen is a sophomore studying Marketing with minors in Logistics and Supply Chain Management. Balfour Leadership Training Workshop has been formally changed to Krach Transformational Leaders Workshop.

This article was written exclusively for Ball State Sigma Chi’s The Cardinal Sig and was featured in the August 2018 newsletter. To read more from that newsletter, click here.