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Category: Cardinal Sig – September 2018

Sigma Chi at Ball State University

The ‘Soul’ to our Soul Food

Megan VanDerHeide, known as ‘Chef Meg’ to the members of Sigma Chi, has already made her legacy at the Epsilon Omega Chapter. Besides her kind and energetic spirit, she makes some delicious food. Below is a collage of some of the amazing food that Chef Meg has made for us. We invite any alumni to…
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Above All, Help Others

Pat hasn’t always been a fan of kids. “That might sound a little harsh, I just was never fond of being around little kids or hanging out with them. But this situation changed it all for me.” Pat Boylan, initiated in Fall 2017, notes that the situation he was a part of was an incredible…
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Fall Update from Nicole

Happy Fall, y’all! I hope you all are having an amazing start to your year! In the last newsletter, I mentioned that I was very excited for rush, but it truly blew my expectations out of the water! While having the opportunity to meet the young men rushing was amazing, I had the most fun…
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Flying to the Top

At first, joining Sigma Chi was not on Daniel Majestic’s radar. When he came to Ball State University in 2014, Daniel “Magic” Majestic decided to wait until his second semester to rush a fraternity. When his second semester rolled around, Daniel started his rush process. But made an impact on him was a call he received from…
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