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Flying to the Top

Sigma Chi at Ball State University

Flying to the Top

At first, joining Sigma Chi was not on Daniel Majestic’s radar.

When he came to Ball State University in 2014, Daniel “Magic” Majestic decided to wait until his second semester to rush a fraternity.

When his second semester rolled around, Daniel started his rush process. But made an impact on him was a call he received from Brother Conner Sink, asking him, “would you like to rush Sigma Chi?” He and Conner met up at the Sigma Chi house, where Daniel received a tour of the house, and was able to meet tons of Sigs. There, he noticed that he already knew about half of the active members. Daniel notes that the second he received a bid from Sigma Chi, he accepted it.

Throughout his experiences with Sigma Chi, Daniel Majestic has had nothing but a fun-filled adventure with his best friends. But it wasn’t just fun; during this time, Majestic and his fraternity brothers were building the house up to being the Sigma Chi that it was always meant to be. “If you could only see the house when we came in as freshmen. There was not a large feel of brotherhood. Half the room at our Chapter wasn’t there. Now, I’m not dogging on the guys who were there before me, I’m just saying that’s what I saw. But with what we did for the house has definitely made a huge impact – it’s in good hands.”

During his time as an undergrad, Daniel had created many business opportunities for himself. Before college, Daniel detailed cars in Fishers, where he made plenty of network connections. He ran that business for three years and then sold it. But what really made him get his name in the sky was his and a business partner’s three dollar investment in a small company called Drone Camp.

Before Drone Camp was Drone Camp, Majestic and his business partner would simply take photos of real estate, then progressed to being hired by big businesses and buildings to shoot aerial photos of their properties. Then, they had the crazy idea to start teaching kids how to use it, and Drone Camp was born. They put up advertisements in Fishers and initially had 7 kids signed up. They had the first camp in a church parking lot, where Daniel pledged to the church staff “whatever I make on your holy property, I will give you ten percent.”

Now, with 13 locations across 13 states, Drone Camp is flying high. Daniel hasn’t forgotten about his alma mater; he’s hired two Ball State telecommunications students to run camps in different states.

Drone Camp has been in the news quite often, and Daniel gets tons of calls, from people wanting to open a camp to people wanting to sponsor the camps.

The thing that makes this business different from any other type of drone camp is that Daniel is not all about receiving the money. Drone Camp is now teaching kids how to initiate search and rescue missions and how to build their own drone. And the main difference – in less than the first 30 minutes of the camp, kids will have their drones in the sky.

He notes that he still can’t believe that Drone Camp has grown exponentially. “It’s like a video game in the sky – who wouldn’t want to be a part of that?”

Drone Camp is now contracting out through public school systems and technical career schools. Plus, Drone Camp is working towards non-profit status, where they will be able to provide reduced-price or free Drone Camp opportunities to low-income and under privileged kids.

And if he didn’t have enough on his plate, Daniel and his father started BSU Living, a rental housing company based at Ball State University. Since its initial start in 2017, BSU Living now has over 25 properties, with most of them including tile showers and high-quality countertops.

And on top of it all, Daniel works in Downtown Indy for Spot Freight, the fastest growing logistics company in Indiana. Daniel came onto the scene as an account executive but was recently promoted to Business Development Manager. In Daniel’s case, this new promotion is everything he’s good at. His new job now requires of him to bring in new business for the company, something he proficient in, thanks to his previous experiences.

Coming full circle, Majestic notes that before all of his experiences, Sigma Chi was really the cherry-on-top of it all.

“This house totally helped me network. Without this place, I wouldn’t be where I am today.”

Daniel Majestic graduated from Ball State University in May 2018 with a degree in Marketing.

This article was written exclusively for Ball State Sigma Chi’s The Cardinal Sig and was featured in the September 2018 newsletter. To read more from that newsletter, click here.