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His Head is in the Game

Sigma Chi at Ball State University

His Head is in the Game

We caught up with Alumni Tyler Yoder about what he’s been up to. Here’s what he had to say about his life after undergrad:

“Here at the University of North Georgia, I am a current Graduate Assistant for Athletic Administration. Though in a GA role, this position allows for me to wear many hats as I am able to gain experience in just about all departments that an athletic department has to offer, whether it is Game Operations, Business & Finance, Compliance, Marketing, Student Services, Internal/ External Operations, etc. What I love about the position I am in is that my department allows for me to work in all of these fields for the betterment of my own personal professional development, providing endless resources and connections for me along the way.

“Working with Ball State’s athletic department throughout my four years of undergrad, I was able to gain significant experience at the Division 1 level, allowing me to see the ins and outs and everything that it takes to run a successful athletics department for a university. Whether it is behind the scenes or not, there is much more that goes into an athletics department than people realize. Though working in athletics, specifically collegiate athletics, requires long hours and working many weekends, it is something that I have always loved and always will. Working in collegiate athletics isn’t just for my own personal growth, but for each and every student-athlete at my university throughout my career. The student-athlete experience is something that we as administrators thrive on. Being able to impact student-athletes in a positive manner every day is a great feeling and a goal we hope to reach every day.

“Not only do I get to work with student-athletes on a day-to-day basis through the various programs that we have, I also have the opportunity to do what I can to better their experience athletically and academically. Helping guide them to a successful life after their athletic careers are over is also something we take great pride in. Having the opportunity to work in an athletic department, all its staff, along with the 220+ student-athletes we have here allows me to establish myself and allows me to have leadership roles to build upon relationships that will last throughout my career.

“Aside from why I choose to work in athletics, the athletic department here at UNG does everything it can to better my experience(s) through networking and professional development. Throughout my time here, I have had the opportunity to attend various programs and seminars, including Emerging Leaders Seminar, APPLE Institute, and Collegiate Event and Facility Management Association events. My favorite being Emerging Leaders Seminar (ELS) is an annual professional development event that provides effective leadership, educational and transitional programming for 200 of the best and brightest current graduate assistants and interns from NCAA membership schools, conferences and affiliate organizations from across the country. Located at the National Office of the NCAA in Indianapolis, IN, the three-day program educates, develops, and connects selected participants, allowing for all of us to increase our likelihood for rapid career progression within college sports.

“Though I have a year left here at UNG as a Master of Public Administration candidate, my hope is to work as post graduate intern in the Championships and Alliances department at the NCAA National Office. As the department that conducts 90 championships in 24 sports across all three NCAA divisions, it’s a position that has my full interest. From signature events like March Madness men’s and women’s basketball tournaments to various World Series events, the department puts on such championships to ensure student-athletes have a high quality, memorable experience. Though this is a very prestigious post graduate internship with collegiate athletics biggest factor, I believe that my experiences here at UNG, as well as at Ball State have put me in a place where I can have full confidence in what I do. Sigma Chi, like other jobs I have had, provided me with an experience that was second to none. The relationships I made through Sigma Chi, and the relationships I will continue to make will always have such a positive impact on me wherever I end up in my career. Without Sigma Chi, I wouldn’t have been able to gain all the experiences I have had thus far.”

We’re extremely proud of Tyler and all of his accomplishments in undergrad and life now. If you’re interested in connecting with him, you can find him on LinkedIn here.