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The Cardinal Sig

Sigma Chi at Ball State University

Krach Transformational Leadership Workshop

Over the summer, our chapter sent 6 undergraduate members to Bowling Green, Ohio for the inaugural Krach Transformational Leadership Workshop (KTLW), replacing Balfour Leadership Training Workshop. These 6 members spent their time attending sessions to prepare the, for their positions in the upcoming school year. The group was also allotted time to meet as a…
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Our Ritual Grows Stronger

Brother Dominic Cassiere traveled to the University of Cincinnati earlier this month to attend a day long Ritual Peer Training session.  Sigs from all over Indiana and Ohio attend this training session. Following the session, the participants have to take a certification exam – Brother Cassiere passed his exam with flying colors and became a…
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His Head is in the Game

We caught up with Alumni Tyler Yoder about what he’s been up to. Here’s what he had to say about his life after undergrad: “Here at the University of North Georgia, I am a current Graduate Assistant for Athletic Administration. Though in a GA role, this position allows for me to wear many hats as…
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Farewell, but not Forever

Hi Everyone! Happy (maybe?) spring! I hope you all had a wonderful St. Patrick’s Day! Sadly, this will be your last time hearing from me in a newsletter, as my term came to a close on March 17th. Because of this, I would like to take this opportunity to reflect on the year as the…
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Running for a Cure

On March 30th, Brother Stephen “Scu” Rosiek will be running the Carmel Marathon in order to raise money for the Huntsman Cancer Foundation. Stephen Rosiek is a senior studying Construction Management. In order to raise money, Stephen is taking monetary pledges for each of the 26 miles. “For the past few years, I have been…
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Reminiscing Ruins

Brother Drake Spangler, a senior studying Criminal Justice, had an extraordinary Spring Break, where he participated in an immersive Caribbean cruise, where one stop was the Mayan Ruins in México. Here’s what he had to say about his trip: “Chichen Itza, the Mayan Ruins I visited, are located in Yucatan, México. That temple is known…
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Sweetheart Update

Hello all! I hope you’re all having an incredible start to your new year and are staying warm in this horrendous cold! During the snowy weather the past couple of weeks, the Brothers and I spent much of our time watching movies, playing in the snow, or sledding! I think I speak on the behalf…
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A World Traveler with Small Town Values

Brother Stephen Smith-Guittard, a third-year Architecture student enrolled in the College of Architecture and Planning, has decided to spend the majority of his spring semester traveling in Southeast Asia with the CAP Asia program for eleven weeks. Cap Asia is a study abroad program that takes students to Thailand, Malaysia, and Myanmar with the intent…
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Rush – a HUGE success!

Our Recruitment for 2018 went well! Throughout Rush Week, we had 40-50 young men attend our 4 rush events in the earlier weeks of January. Out of the 4 events, our signature event ‘Alumni Inspiration Night’ stood out from the rest. We had 5 incredible alumni return to talk about how Sigma Chi has truly…
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The Body Keeps The Score

On December 9, we were honored to host Janet Ditslear, mother of Sam Ditslear and licensed therapist, at our Chapter meeting. Janet had plenty of good information about improving our mental health and processing trauma in a healthy way. In her talk, Janet discussed how ‘the body keeps the score,’ meaning that although our minds…
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