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Chapter Officers

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Joseph Gassensmith

Email: Phone: (317) 606-0164 | josephgassensmith1@gmail.com

The Consul is the president or CEO of the chapter. He presides over chapter meetings and other chapter affairs and activities, and is responsible for the security of the charter, Ritual and Ritualistic materials.

Brady Bogan

Phone: (765) 309-2650 | Email: bradybogan02@gmail.com

The Pro Consul serves as vice president or chief operating officer of the chapter, and he works closely with the Consul in carrying out chapter operations.

Rob Jefferson

Phone: (219) 243-4374 | Email: robertjefferson721@gmail.com

The Annotator keeps accurate records, reports and minutes of chapter meetings and transcribes those records into the chapter minute book. He maintains the chapter’s bylaws, administrative files and records, including the chapter’s permanent record of member data.

Kurt Oetzel

Phone: (812) 209-9627 | Email: kurtdoetzel@gmail.com

The Quaestor is the treasurer of the chapter. He is responsible for collecting and safeguarding all funds due to the chapter, as well as preparing the budget before the start of the chapter’s fiscal year and presenting it to the chapter’s executive committee, members and advisors for approval. 

Cody Robinson

Phone: (317) 607-2223 | Email: codrob43@gmail.com

The Magister prepares the Potential New Members for Initiation into Sigma Chi. He must gain member support and involvement in the program. He directs and conducts a chapter program that instills in the pledges the ideals of Sigma Chi, and he develops their pride in and commitment to the Fraternity through lessons of learning, participation and responsibility. 

Kyle Falck

Phone: (765) 465-1234 | Email: kfalck23@gmail.com

Jack Gill

Phone: (260) 267-3835 | Email: jackgill102@icloud.com

They plan, organize and coordinate a year-round chapter recruitment program. They also assist the chapter in measuring potential members against the requirements of The Jordan Standard and the ideals of the Ritual.

Ethan Summerall

Phone: (317) 430-1644

The Tribune coordinates the preparation and mailing of all necessary chapter correspondence. He assists the Consul and other officers in preparing and submitting officer and chapter reports on time. He supplies the Headquarters, Grand Praetor, advisors and university officials with reports of new officers and other information as required. The Tribune is also in charge of the alumni relations program.

Tyler Groves

Phone: (317) 500-3176 | Email: tjgroves@bsu.edu

The Historian gathers and makes a permanent record of members and activities in the form of a scrapbook or chapter history. He preserves the library, historical records and properties of the chapter. The Historian also furnishes the Grand Historian with chapter information and assists in the preparation of historical material for Fraternity publications.

Noah Steepleton

Phone: (219) 718-7012 | Email: nssteepleton@bsu.edu

The Kustos (Pronounced Cuss’ toss) preserves the privacy of the chapter room and assists with chapter meetings and other specified gatherings. The Kustos is also in charge of preserving all of the chapter’s ritualistic paraphernalia.

Tucker Wheatley

Phone: (502) 602-4770 | Email: tdwheatley@bsu.edu

The philanthropy chairmen are responsible for overseeing and executing any and all of the chapter’s philanthropic events. They, in conjunction with the active chapter, plan philanthropy events for Sigma Chi and ensure the chapter’s participation in other charity events on and off campus.

Chris O’Connor

Phone: (317) 649-0824 | Email: chrisdoconnor3362@gmail.com

The scholarship chairman seeks to create and maintain an environment conducive to scholastic achievement among members and pledges, and assists the chapter’s officers in emphasizing academic priorities. He provides information on educational resources and assistance available to initiated and pledge brothers, including those available in the chapter, through the General Fraternity and the university campus.

Evan Owens

Phone: (317) 224-5055 | Email: evanwowens21@gmail.com

The community involvement chairman is responsible for the oversight and execution of community service events both inside and outside the chapter. In conjunction with the active chapter, he plans community service events and ensures the chapter’s participation in other service events on and off campus.

Evan Owens

Phone: (317) 224-5055 | Email: evanwowens21@gmail.com

Cole Hooper

Phone: (317) 753-6883 | Email: crhooper@bsu.edu

The Risk Managers assist in the development and implementation of the chapter’s safety/risk management program. They coordinats the risk management education of members, pledges and employees, and assist other officers in incorporating safety and risk management-related precautions into their programs. With the help of the Housing Corps, Chapter Advisor, Executive Committee, officers and members, they address concerns related to building maintenance, safety, fire, health, the use of alcohol or illegal drugs, hazing or sexual abuse.

Nick Taylor

Phone: (765) 602-7766

Chris O’Connor

Phone: (317) 649-0824 | Email: chrisdoconnor3362@gmail.com

The House Manager coordinates chapter efforts regarding cleanliness, safety, care and maintenance of the chapter house. He works closely with the risk manager to ensure that all safety measures are in order.

Noah Steepleton

Phone: (219) 718-7012 | Email: nssteepleton@bsu.edu

Patrick Raudenbush

 Phone: (260) 494-8606 | Email: paraudenbush@bsu.edu

Luke Broelmann

Phone: 219-789-8591 | Email: lukebroelmann@yahoo.com

Luke Persun

Phone: (219) 765-3901 | Email: ljpersun@bsu.edu

Nathan Middlebrook

Phone: (574) 303-8989 | Email: nqmiddlebroo@bsu.edu