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Sweetheart Update

Sweetheart Update

Hello all! I hope you’re all having an incredible start to your new year and are staying warm in this horrendous cold! During the snowy weather the past couple of weeks, the Brothers and I spent much of our time watching movies, playing in the snow, or sledding! I think I speak on the behalf of all of us by saying that we had so much fun with the snowy weather – but not nearly as much fun as when we brought artificial snow inside for Sigma Chi’s annual Ski Lodge Party!

Another exciting event this year has been our Spring Rush week. I’ve had the opportunity to attend a few of the events and welcome the new young men into the fraternity house! I cannot wait to see how much they learn and grow through this very special time in their lives! I give a special thanks to all of the amazing alumni who traveled near and far to share their stories on Alumni Inspiration Night – you were amazing! We could not have done it without you!

On February 16, many of the Brothers and I drove to Indianapolis to attend the Indiana State Day. I was very excited to experience the workshops and meet many other active Sigma Chi’s from all around the state – and it did not disappoint! I was also fortunate to have the opportunity to host Allie Hagemeyer, the current International Sweetheart of Sigma Chi, and was able to be her escort for the day. I had a wonderful time spending the day getting to know her and also learn more about her experiecnes as Sweetheart.

I hope everyone had a lovely Valentine’s Day with their loved ones, and as always…

Chirp Chirp and In Hoc!