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Music to Our Ears

Music to Our Ears

Chad Kelham isn’t just an advocate for Ball State Greek Life and an accomplished alumni of Sigma Chi, but he’s a talented music-maker.

About his music, Chad had this to say:

“This month has been pretty eventful as far as releasing new beats is concerned. And, to be honest, I’ve been rather prolific. Not only that, but these beats are also part of a new chapter in my musical development as well. To make a long story short, they’re part of a new series called Extra Ordinary – the mixtapes I’ve always wanted to make all along. At the same time, each of these albums is centered on a common musical theme/vibe/mood (as has always been the case with my earlier material, but even more so now).  Some of it is dreamy, some of it is hypnotic, and some of it is more wonky. But, at the end of the day, these tracks are fire & are bumping in their own special way.

“How could I best describe the music that I’m making? It’s instrumental hip hop, rooted in R&B/Soul samples (particularly from the 70s to 80s); occasionally, I’ll sample rock & jazz if need be. And I don’t sample anything in the way of hits or songs which have been done to death over the years; I prefer sampling slept on tracks/deep cuts (songs which people don’t know too much about, songs which tend to get overlooked & songs which didn’t get as much respect as they should have). That’s part of the fun/excitement about the music that I make – taking existing source material & transforming it into something breathtaking & unique, not simply putting down a two-bar loop as is.”

Click the links below and take a listen to Chad’s fantastic music!


Dedicated to Delta Zeta of Ball State. Released September 28, 2018.

IV: Welcome Week

Dedicated to Bid Day, Welcome Week, and much more. Released August 11, 2018.

extrA oΓdinΔry

Dedicated to Alpha Gamma Delta at Ball State. Released October 19, 2018.

This article was written exclusively for Ball State Sigma Chi’s The Cardinal Sig and was featured in the October 2018 newsletter. To read more from that newsletter, click here.