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Welcome Back From Nicole

Sigma Chi at Ball State University

Welcome Back From Nicole

To the active members and alumni of Epsilon Omega,

My name is Nicole Whitman and I am the current Sweetheart of Sigma Chi for the 2018-2019 school year. I am a sophomore from Fishers, Indiana, currently studying Psychology, with a minor in Strategic Communications. I am so incredibly excited to be able to represent this chapter and be involved with so many upcoming and impactful events!

This past year, I considered meeting all the men in this chapter as such a great experience for myself. They are some of the most altruistic, respectful, and hilarious people I have ever met, and it is so humbling to be given the opportunity to be a part of such a wonderful fraternity.

Two of the things I am most looking forward to this upcoming year would be Rush Week; I am overjoyed to help welcome potential new members into the Sigma Chi house and help those that are worthy transition into pledge-ship and guide them into becoming leaders, like the active members. The second thing that I am most eager about is Derby Days, because the events not only raise money for the Huntsman Cancer Institute, but are also fun bonding experiences that I can share with all the Brothers.

I am looking forward to my upcoming year with the greatest men on campus and creating memories that I will cherish forever. Hope to see you all at Homecoming!


This article was written exclusively for Ball State Sigma Chi’s The Cardinal Sig and was featured in the August 2018 newsletter. To read more from that newsletter, click here.