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You Have What It Takes

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You Have What It Takes

During the end of July, Brother Connor Sanburn (Fall 2017 Initiate) had the opportunity to join DadCamp in Guatemala, giving fathers the tools to being a better dad. During his trip, he visited several small villages to hear more about the culture and to teach the fathers of that region.

“My experience in Guatemala was transformative, to say the least. I look at everything differently now,” he says. DadCamp, which works to give fathers the resources to be better fathers, started in Kokomo, Indiana, at Oakbrook Church. Since then, it has grown to an international non-profit organization, having now reached over 5 different countries and thousands of people. Their slogan, “You Have What It Takes,” is a symbol of telling dads that they can be the father they want to be.

Sanburn not only volunteered with DadCamp, but has been through the program as a camper with his father, Charles Sanburn (EO Sigma Chi ’81 Initiate) several years ago.

“It was such a surreal experience for me helping put on a DadCamp and having the opportunity to create a video that would culminate that trip. Having gone through it, it brought back many good memories. Plus, it created such a good feeling to be helping others create that experience for themselves.”

This is not Sanburn’s first time in Guatemala. Five years ago, almost to the month, he first visited the country to do mission work at a local orphanage in the city, Casa Bernabe. On his most recent trip, though, he states that he received the opportunity to see more of the country. He and his team visited villages San Mateo, San Miguel, and San Vicente Pacaya, and larger cities like Guatemala City and Antigua. 

“Everyday, we went somewhere new – I never saw the same place twice. Plus, the most fascinating thing about Guatemala is that every village is different. They all have different mannerisms and roads and dialect. But the one thing that was similar among them all was the amount of kindness and hospitality I received. I would never get this much grace in the United States. 

Sanburn notes that even though his trip was transformative, he’s not going forget about it anytime soon.

“The things that I’ve learned in Guatemala really could be translated to Sigma Chi this fall. Showing grace, hospitality, and decency towards others is second nature there, so why can’t we amp it up here? We could all use a little refresher, especially with Rush this fall.”

Here’s a link to a recap video he made for the DADCAMP, INC. organization:

Connor Sanburn is currently a sophomore and is studying Telecommunications.

This article was written exclusively for Ball State Sigma Chi’s The Cardinal Sig and was featured in the August 2018 newsletter. To read more from that newsletter, click here.